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Wuhan's First Harley-Davidson Outlet Opens
  • Date:19-07-2012
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Wuhan, China - Harley-Davidson opened its 10th dealership in Nanjing since its appearance on the Chinese market in 2005. Located at Special No. 1, Jinnanyi Road, Dongxihu District of Nanjing, it is the first Harley-Davidson store in Nanjing.

Mr. Wang Shaoxian, the General Manager of Hubei Shenxingzhe Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd told the reporter during his interview that their sales target this year was to sell 40 Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It is a rather conservative sales target according to him. Apart from motorcycle sales, the company will also provide vehicle modification services. "Harley-Davidson provides various types of parts and components for Harley users to modify their bikes at their wishes to make their loved bikes more personalized which is something no other motorcycle manufacturer can give." Mr. Wang expressed that they have the best bike modification technicians in Asia to guarantee that each and every modified bike is unique.

Mr. Wang is actively involved in the issue of getting new Harley-Davidson motorcycles registered locally as there are nationwide bans forbidden the use of motorcycles in urban areas. He said that he had already made some breakthrough regarding motorcycle registration, and this problem wouldn't be an obstacle for motorcycle sales in the future. Seen as the 'Harley-Davidson culture' from America, Harley-Davidson motorcycle is greatly favoured by Chinese Harley-Davidson stans.

Along with the growing number of active successful people in China, Harley-Davidson motorcycle is being redefined. Now, riding Harley-Davidson motorcycle has been developed into an enjoyable, exacting and famous way of leisure. According to Mr. Wang, Harley-Davidson's expanded its sales to elites, white collars and civil servants, spreading a unique way of life to all. Meanwhile, they hope that they can forward the brand sprit of passion, courage, personality, and freedom that Harley-Davidson represents to more and more fans in Nanjing. They expect more fans can join the big Harley-Davidson family, and enjoy the unique riding experience with Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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