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To be the Only One-Test Riding the Zongshen Z-one 133 Standard
  • Date:04-07-2012
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The Chinese motorcycle industry has made significant progress over the past years. Many of the Chinese motorcycle manufacturers have chosen their respective orientations and learned who their clients are. The problem is that knowing what to do is not enough as they also need practical R & D support, production technologies and other things. Many motorcycle 'concepts' didn't make it to the mass production stage due to limited strength of the manufacturers.

At the 2011 Chongqing motorcycle trade fair, a new bike named Z-one in Zongshen exhibition area attracted the attention of many people with almost all of them young men. Clearly, this bike was specially designed for young people by Zongshen. We can see that this bike carries a lot of Zongshen's 'ideas and thoughts' from its highlighted design. We conducted the testing riding as soon as the Z-one was available on market after more than half a year's waiting in order to see if Zongshen's ideas were successful.

Outstanding Performance, with Pure European Origin

I believe that you'd like to test ride it if you see one Zongshen Z-one. Its smart streamline, fancy appearance and sporty features make it attractive and unforgettable.
Zongshen, which is a famous Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, never secludes itself from outside in motorcycle manu-facturing. It maintains fast development by self-innovation and absorbing advanced technologies. Zongshen Z-one was jointly designed by Chinese and European designers. It's given the most popular vehicle features in Europe, so its appearance looks smart, dynamic, and masculine. It gives off a strong sense of sports bike through its fashionable appearance.

Zongshen Z-one doesn't look like a small displacement bike (engine displacement smaller than 150ml) by the first look. Many of its features can only be seen on large displacement bikes. If we cover up the engine part of Z-one, and enlarge its front and rear tyres, it will look like a large displacement street bike. Designers cleverly infuse it with sports, fashionable, and scientific elements to make Z-one look sturdy, generous and great.

Take a closer look, the painting of Z-one is elaborate. The distinct colour collocation represents personality and fashion. Popular elements are added to its regular appearance. Its cone-shaped delicate turn signals and taillights are LED lights. These designs are way ahead of the technologies of most Chinese motorcycle manufacturers who still use light bulbs as motorcycle turn signals and taillights. It's equipped with a novel headlamp. Its popping-out headlamp cover has great 3D effects. Below its delicate 3D windshield is the digital instrument panel which is lit up by blue LED light. Riders can see the readings correctly and clearly. Its two 5-Y spoke sports wheels, the 37mm diameter front shock absorber with covers, the racing bike style seat together show its sports nature. The fact that Z-one, as a street racing bike, has a compartment under seat like that of a scooter is unbelievable. Its designers tried to be unique, and designed a compartment under the seat of Z-one to store water bottles, gloves and other staff. This feature makes Z-one unique among its similar bikes. In a word, Z-one's performance is outstanding, unique and distinctive both in terms of its entire design and detailed design. It is indeed 'the only one'.

Unruly Storming Power Output of Its Engine
I rode this Z-one for more than a hundred kilometers at the highest speed and didn't feel any discomfort. Clearly, the designer of this bike stresses greatly the engine's stability at high speed revolution. They are succeeded in developing this feature.

In order to meet different demands of consumers, Zongshen Z-one comes in four categories: the 'super-value model' is equipped with the CG133-B or CG150-B engine, the 'standard model' is equipped with the CB133 or CG150-B engine, the 'comfortable model' is equipped with the CBB133 or CBB150 engine, and the 'luxury model' comes with the PB150 engine. The Z-one we test rode was a 'standard model' with the CB133 engine.

The technologies of CB engine is quite mature if not as advanced as that of the PB engine. The sufficient power output and reliable performance of the CB engine have stood the test of market. Even though its displacement is only 125ml, the power output of the CB engine is never to be underestimated. Its power output is sufficient for the bike to travel through city streets, upward and downward hills. Its power output is still continuous at 7,000 rpm, showing the advantages of the OHC engine. Its smooth accelerating performance at high revolution gives an enjoyable sense of sprint to the rider.
The vibration control on the engine of Z-one is also recognizable. Along with the increase of engine revolution, engine vibration will reach its maximum stage (when revolution reaches about 6,500rpm). Engine vibration will decrease gradually when the revolution exceeds 7,000rpm. The test rider rode this Z-one for more than a hundred kilometers at the highest speed, and didn't feel any discomfort. Clearly, the designer of this bike stresses greatly the engine's stability at high speed revolution. They are succeeded in developing this feature.

Super Cool, Harness Your Passion
Zongshen Z-one is irresistible to young people who are in pursuit of fashion. If you are accidentally a motorcycle fan, you'll have no excuse to resist this fashionable pal which is custom-made for personalized and fashionable motorcycle fans. Yes, Z-one is a pal. If you are fashionable diameter front shock absorber is the best absorber among that of similar bikes. As a light-class street racing bike, the adjustment of Z-one's shock absorbers aims to achieve both sports and comfortable qualities to satisfy the demands of daily commuting, touring and mountain climbing. If you are a passionate rider and hopes to increase the excretion of your adrenaline, Z-one is your right choice. The appropriately adjusted suspension system, light vehicle body, sturdy vehicle frame, flexible riding positions and convenient maneuverability will make your 'passionate riding' possi-ble as you wish. The strong sense of acceleration when the engine revolution exceeds 6,500 rpm makes you unwilling to release its throttle upon entering a bend. Its reliable suspension system and the superb ground-gripping performance of its tyres will not stop you turning at high speed, but enable you taste the great sensation of turning at high speed. If you are skilled enough, you can even try turning the bend like riders do in the Supermoto. It'll indeed be a hell of an experience for you.

If high-speed sprint and thrilling bend turning still cannot satisfy your adventure-seeking heart, and you need some stunt acts to satisfy your inner amour-propre, then Zongshen Z-one can still please you. Let's try front wheel wheelies first. Its sufficient power output can easily help lift up the front wheel of the bike at high speed, making the bike like a pride rooster overlooking everything on the road. If this is not enough to quench your thirst for excitement, we'll try something more thrilling. Look to the long and steep stairs, which is only the playground of dirt bikes, Z-one is capable of climbing up the stairs and bring you the thrill which can only be brought by a dirt bike with its street racing bike body if you are bold enough. You'll notice the excellent performance of Z-one's suspension system, strong framework and highly efficient engine during the stair-climbing process. All these features together make long-distance climbing, which is impossible for street racing bikes, a piece of cake for Z-one.

Meanwhile, Z-one has high requirement on its safety features apart from its superb engine performance. In terms of its braking system, its front single disc with dual-piston caliper brake and its rear drum brake excellently meet the braking needs of this light street racing bike in daily operation. The braking system of Z-zone can still function greatly at high speeds or in case of emergency braking. The bike can be stopped steadily within the safe range in a straight line without any vibration or sliding sideways. This is enough to prove the splendid braking performance of Z-one. Such a great braking system will save its passionate rider from possible troubles.

Its light body, sturdy framework, strong and excellent suspension system, and powerful braking system contribute to the first-class maneuverability of Z-one. Its marvelous power output enables its rider to always ride as he wishes, enjoy the pleasure brought forth by this distinctive and dynamic bike. Pleasure brought forth by Z-one is all-around: from its power output, maneuverability, and sheer visual enjoyment by its cool and fashionable appearance.

To be the Only One
The eye-catching appearance, reliable power performance, convenient mane-uverability, and fantastic overall per-formance make Z-one the 'only one'. Z-one completely subverts the concept of mainstream Chinese street racing bikes by breaking with convention and parting with mediocrity. As a bike custom-made for the Chinese consumers who are born in the 1980s and 1990s, Zongshen Z-one achieves the status of 'only one' in appearance, performance and riding experience, and succeeds with its distinctive features. This avant-garde and unique bike will inevitably become the best partner of the urban new trend-followers.


Z-one 133

Engine: Air Cooled/Single Cylinder/4 Stroke
Displacement: 133ml
Cylinder Bore & Stroke: 58.5×49.5(mm)
Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
Maximum Power: 8.0kW/8500rpm
Maximum Torque: 9.3N?m/7500rpm
Fuel Supply System: Carburetor
Ignition System: CDI
Way of Ignition: Electric Ignition
Way of Transmission: Multi-Disc Wet Clutch/Chain Transmission
L×W×H: 2040×755×1045(mm)
Wheelbase: 1330mm
Seat Height: 760mm
Minimum Ground Clearance: 180mm
Tank Capacity: 18L
Net Weight: 120kg
Vehicle Frame: Cradle Frame
Suspension System: Front 37mm diameter hydraulic cylinder shock
          absorber  Rear dual adjustable hydraulic spring shock absorbers
Braking System: Front Single Disc with Dual-Piston Caliper  
                             Rear Mechanical Drum Brake
Tyre Specifications: Front 90/90-17        Rear 110/80-17

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