Lifan RBX150 Test Ride

Date:06-01-2017 Source:chinamotor

In September, the intense heat of summer fades away from the mountain city, Chongqing, while the late autumn is yet to come. It is just the right timing to go out for a ride on such clear and bright days of early autumn. Therefore, on 16th of September, MEGA CHINAMOTOR sent out its team to have a test ride of Lifan’s newly developed street bike, RBX150 (LF150-5D).

The test ride was destined for a riverside road and the test team set out early in the morning. After all-night-long gentle autumn rain, through the misty morning fog the sunlight scattered around, warming up the whole city. Nice day always brings good mood. Right after we arrived at the riverside, we made proper adjustment of the bike and then our rider began his riding test of Lifan RBX150. Inspired by the pleasing riverside scenery and the cool mini motorcycle, the rider started stunt-drive on the road not long after he rode out. Head-up, drift, RBX150 worked perfect with the rider to play on the road. The test ride on that day went on with great fun, which rightly worked out the best of RBX150’s recreation functionality.

Seemingly a mini motorcycle, 1666 mm by length and 945 mm by height, RBX150 is actually not such a small bike, comparing with other domestic mini models. Beside the plentiful power it generates, RBX150 can also defeat many other motorcycles with its unique appearance and flexible operation.

Being small is one obvious external characteristic of RBX150, but it features a strong heart - NBF150 engine, which can provide immense power comparable to that of a normal larger standard bike. The engine has a maximum power of 9Kw/8000rpm and a maximum torque of 10.8N·m/5500rpm. During the test ride, our rider has ridden RBX150 on highroads, uphill slopes, and even rough road surface, while mini RBX150 never failed the rider in any road conditions. The engine made low noise and little vibration even when the speed exceeded 90km/h during the ride.

Acceleration Test I Acceleration Test II
ACCEL (km/h) TIME(s) Distance (m) Time (s) Speed (km/h)
0-10 0.07 100 7.9 78.9
0-20 1.3 200 12.3 84.4
0-30 2.3 400 20.4 94.2
0-40 3.1
0-50 3.8
0-60 5.2
0-70 6.5
0-80 8.1
0-60 5.2
30-50 1.5
50-70 2.7
From the data tested on the road, we can see that RBX150 has remarkable instant power output. Taking about 5s to reach 60km/h and 8s to reach 100 meters at a speed of 80km/h, the mini motorcycle well satisfies the city use purpose. Designed to be small and power by a reliable engine, RBX150 can be smarter and more active passing through four-wheelers and other two-wheelers on the street.

RBX150 is designed with a 6-liter fuel tank to fit with its body size. Though the fuel capacity is moderate, the bike is also a mild fuel consumer seeing from the test ride, which again makes RBX150 a competent street bike for city use purpose and even for long distance tour.

Fitted with hydraulic disc brake, RBX150’s braking is perfectly flexible and reliable. Needless to comment more but the clutch and the steering operations are really handy with facility. The large-size tyre with racing-bike level aluminum wheel hub ensures better grip on both off-road and highroad.

Born a mini model, RBX150 is inferior to none in terms of its configuration and performance. Before getting to know its use capability, you are sure to be firstly attracted by its appearance, small, exquisite yet tough. The fairshaped body with proper color and décor, the distinct head light, and the LCD instrument panel with gleamy pointer, all present a modern sense of technology. Besides, the small body with a seat height of 740mm, the bike is appealing to women riders who also pursue speed and passion.

With the increasingly rising of young consumers born in the 1980s and 1990s, motorcycle has changed its functionality from a transportation tool to a modern recreational equipment. Especially recent years, mini motorcycle has gained a great number of followers. The multifarious types and models of motorcycles on the market may make you feel at a loss, while, Lifan RBX150 stands out a special model that will not fail your expectations.

Model RBX150(LF150-5D)
L×W×H (mm) 1666×790×945 Fuel tank (L) 6
Wheelbase (mm) 1200 Max. net power (Kw/r.min) 9.0KW/8000r
Seat height (mm) 740 Fuel consumption 2.9 L/100 km
Curb weight (kg) 94 Max. speed 94.5km/h
Max. load (kg) 150 Gradeability 28 °
Min. ground clearance (mm) 165 Starting performance(electric) Normal temp.:1s, low temp.:14s
Angle of revolution, handbar (°) 42 (left to right) Braking deceleration(full load) Front 4.5m/S, rear 4.3m/S
More Informationhttp://motor.lifan.com/showroom/

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