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As the motorcycle industry develops and consumers change, offroaders and streetbikes with good genes have obvious appeal to young people. To youngsters, motorcycles are commuting vehicles and more importantly recreational tools. To cater to the interests and preferences of young people born in the 1980s and 1990s, QINGQI recently developed its new offroader QM200GY-G. Youngsters value personality, fashion, and supreme quality. Would QINGQI QM200GY-G serve their particular appetite well? CHINAMOTOR's test-ride team tried it for the first time recently. Here is the comment from Marco Antonio Schroeder Tasca, a Brazilian rider born in the 1980s.

Trendy European Design

Adopting creative Italian frame and exterior designs, QINGQI QM200GY-G is parallel with Japanese, European, and US offroaders in appearance. QM200GY-G manages to surprise people at the first glance with a visual effect that features simplicity, dynamic, personality, and fashion. QINGQI equips QM200GY-G with an LCD dashboard, which not only clearly displays information including the traveling speed, mileage, rotational speed, and time but also helps create a sense of sports. The design that matches the front fairing, front mudguard, and blue and white plastic parts with the white high-strength truss frame with exposed beams and tubes, perfectly demonstrates the beauty of freshness and robustness.

Although offroaders are meant to conquer wild terrains most of the time, the designer of QM200GY-G never ignores details for perfection. From the LED steering lamps and taillight, silver handlebar made of aluminum alloy, to the silver inner hexagon screws, QINGQI has shown full considerations of both functionalities and visual attractiveness. QM200GY-G's front mudguard has reinforcing bars to increase the strength and effectively reduce vibration. The rear mudguard is integrated with the license plate holder, steering lamp brackets, and reflector holder to achieve simplicity without compromising on functionalities. Marco acknowledges that QM200GY-G would have a cooler appearance if black steel hubs are adopted. Anyway, QM200GY-G fully meets his expectation on the visual effect of an offroader, which is attractive to fashionable youngsters.

Immense Power from Advanced Technology

The QM200GY-G configuration highlights the GS series engine. It is developed and manufactured using the technology acquired from SUZUKI. CHINAMOTOR has introduced the structure of the engine in detail before, which features a powerful torque, immense power output, high combustion efficiency, low noise level, and mild vibration. The GS series include 125CC, 150CC, 200CC, and 250CC levels of products, while QM200GY-G is powered by the 200CC engine with the maximum power of 11.5 kw/8000 rpm and maximum torque of 14.5 N.m/6000 rpm.

During the test ride, Marco began with city avenues, turned onto county roads, and then chose rugged village paths, covering over 100 kilometers. The engine generated robust power to enable QM200GY-G to take the lead from the starting line, and make it responsive on hillside slopes. When traveling on unpaved roads with gravel, the offroader showed excellent trafficability owing to the outstanding power output stability and low vibration of the engine, leaving much behind the support vehicle. Marco speeded up to a maximum speed of 110 km/h during ride. As a professional rider who always pursues a high speed riding experience, Marco says that it would be perfect if the offroader could reach 120 km/h. However, to common offroader fans, the engine's performance on various types of road has made QM200GY-G a top-level bike of its kind among domestic 200CC offroaders. Marco also tested its fuel efficiency and acceleration performance on different types of road during the ride.

Fuel consumption Acceleration
No. Fuel filled Distance covered Remarks ACCEL (km/h) Time (s)
Test 1 1 L 27 km Rugged village paths with gravel 0-10 01.1
Test 2 1.66 L 41 km From village paths to paved county roads 0-20 01.5
Test 3 1 L 31 km Paved roads 0-30 02.3
0-40 03.3
Distance (m) Time (s) V (Km/h) 0-50 04.8
100 08.6 67.5 0-60 06.8
200 13.6 78.3 0-70 09.5
400 22.3 86.4 0-80 14.6
1000 46.0 92.5 0-90 27.6
30-50 02.5
50-70 04.7
Vavg 74.9
0-60 06.8
30-50 02.5
50-70 04.7
Highly Controllable and Comfortable

QM200GY-G adopts a thickened inverted front shock absorber and a rear suspension with the cradle structure and built-in central airbag, which effectively reduce vibration of the motorcycle and enhance cycling experience. According to Marco, the shock absorbers have outstanding performance on level roads but are somewhat "soft" when the offroader is ridden onto rugged roads with gravel. However, this does not affect its speed and stability. To Marco, the excitement of offroaders comes from modest bumping on rugged roads, one of the main sources of fun that young offroader riders seek. QM200GY-G is also equipped with wavy front and rear disc brakes to achieve responsive and reliable braking effects and cycling safety.

Marco is 175 cm tall and has a comfortable sitting posture on QM200GY-G. He is satisfactory with the saddle height and footpeds. But he also admits that the saddle is not soft enough and riders may feel fatigue after long-distance riding. He also suggests that the steering can be adjusted a little bit for better operability.


Marco left the outskirt of Jinan on QM200GY-G and headed west. He finished a ride of over 100 kilometers, travelling through counties and villages, mountainous areas, and wild grassland. On the way, QM200GY-G fully demonstrated its flexibility and reliability. Its stylish appearance drew much attention of passersby. The GS series engine provided sufficient power for the offroader, while the excellent shock absorption performance and cycling comfort allowed true and delighted offroad cycling.

As a new product targeting the young people, QINGQI QM200GY-G has a stylish appearance and outstanding performance that cater to their demands for personality and fashion. Although QM200GY-G has not yet been available on the market, Marco, as one of the young offroader enthusiasts, has already been attracted by its charm. If you like to seek personality, freedom, and excitement under the sun, on sand, in woods, and at wild beaches, QM200GY-G is your ultimate recreational toy dedicated to the wild.

Technical Specifications
Product model QM200GY-G(BSD) Engine type 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2125 mm x 830mm x 1150mm Displacement (ml) 199
Wheelbase (mm) 1405 mm Maximum power 11.5/8000 kw
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 245 mm Maximum torque 14.5/6000 N.m
Seat height (mm) 910 mm Starter system Electric
Dry mass 128 kg Drive system Chain drive
Fuel capacity: 7.2 L Clutch Wet multiple plate
Fuel efficiency / 100 km   ≤ 2.1 L Brake Disc/Disc
Maximum speed ≥ 100 km/h Tyre 2.75-21/4.10-18
More Informationhttp://www.gs-suzuki.cn/en/index.aspx

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