Date:20-03-2019 Source:chinamotor


1. Design concept

VERACRUZ is a big innovation on basis of the CRUISE. The design of the scooter demonstrates retro and minimalism. The headlight, front hatch, and taillight are made slightly square, reflecting a retro style. The body, especially the chromium-plated parts, is streamlined, which features lightness and the beauty of modern craftsmanship. The entire body looks simple, smooth, and elegant. The energy saving LED lights are environmentally friendly and have a longer service life.

2. Looks

The streamlined body highlights the scooter. The chrome-plated design, LED lights, and innovative "wing"modeling are refreshing. The outline of the meter panel is well aligned with that of the headlight, which looks more graceful with the proper layout of front turn lights. The front  turn lights chime in with the rear lights. The chrome-plated parts create a unanimously simple and retro body.

3. Performance

Immense power, long service life, good heat dissipation, low noise, low fuel consumption, smooth acceleration, comfortable riding experience

4. Target customer

People who pursue fashion, retro, and modern petty bourgeoisie life.


Model:                 ZN50QT-59       ZN125T-59(KVJ)

Top Speed(KM/h):        25,45            80

LxWxH(mm):            1890*665*1145   1890*665*1145

Wheelbase(mm):         1340            1340

N.W./G.W.(kg):           90              109

Displacement(cc):        49.6             124.6

Max.Output kw/(r/min):   1.80/6500        6.50/7000


Max.Torque N.m(r/min):   2.50/6500        9.50/6000


Brake Mode:            Disc/Drum        Disc/Disc(CBS)

Tank Capacity(L):         6.6              6.6

Front Tire:              110/70-12        110/70-12

Rear Tire:               120/70-12        120/70-12

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