Date:20-03-2019 Source:chinamotor

Dayang CHOKU K2

Stunning Looks  New Sight

Dynamic streamlined body: smooth Fastback body, giving a unique luxurious charm.

Full quality paint: car-level quality paint, covering every part of the body, bringing an unexpected visual impact.

High-End Quality  Enjoyable Driving Experience

Independent trunk: independent trunk space can be increased to 600L while putting down the rear seat.

Parking brake: different from the conventional hand brake, easy parking, effectively preventing the co-driver from wrong operation.

Technology Gene  Connected Intelligence

7-inch LCD screen: the high-end version is equipped with 7-inch central control screen, integrating video, music, radio, smart phone interconnection, parking assistance, and other functions.

Knob type gear shifter: high-end version is designed with a knob gear shifter, featuring good damping effect, clear shifting, and more convenient operation.

Safety Configuration

Collision safety system: scientific design for front collision, side collision, and top compression, improving overall safety level.

High safety frame: the "8" steel tube and bird's nest frame can well buffer strong external impact to ensure the safety of passengers.

Immense Power

Battery and electronic control system: the lead-acid battery version uses BBS battery balance system, a 5+1 battery combination mode; when the small battery is low, the large battery will automatically charge it to ensure normal use of central door lock and alarm device; the lithium battery version features a light body, small energy consumption, excellent power output and endurance; with built-in battery heating function, the electric vehicle can start, charge, and run freely even in a -20°C temperature.

Reliable motor: the 4.5kw permanent magnet synchronous motor, a product of National 863 Project, has gone through smooth adjustment, with high output efficiency, which helps prolong the service life of battery. 

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