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FK190, which has received much attention from the motorcycle enthusiasts all the time, gets revealed officially and is named FK19SF.

FK MOTOS also make debuts as a new brand, which is developed jointly by Fekon Motor and its strategic cooperation partner, Front Design. FK19SF is the first leisure street bike of this new brand. Besides FK19SF, FK MOTOS will also launch FK150 Mini, FK190 Cafe Racer, FK300 Race Bike and FK300 ADV this year.

In EICMA 2017, Fekon will exhibit a liter-level 4-cylinder race bike with the displacement of 1100cc. The technology of its engine is from MV Agusta and Fekon has got the ownership of the mold and technical drawings. If this bike is finally brought out, it will be the first liter-level 4-cylinder motorcycle made in China.

Details of FK19SF

Development Background

In 2015, Fekon got a new cooperated design company to fully optimize its braking, suspension, wheels and electronic system and took part in the 2015 EICMA show. In 2016, FK again brought its brand-new concept bike to EICMA 2016 and attracted great attention. Meanwhile, FK also established the strategic cooperation relationship with the world top brand MV Agusta.

After 3 years’ efforts including designing, rapid prototyping, testing, intersection detecting and improving in domestic competitions, the first model of FK, Street Fighter FK19SF, is finally launched, with brand-new engine, frame, parts and appearance.

It’s better to say that FK MOTOS is a redesigned brand of Fekon Motor rather than a new brand. Fekon has finished the transformation from a civil commuting bike manufacturer to an entertainment riding tools manufacturer. The design and R&D of FK models are totally designed by a team of designers who like racing bike and have the concept of racing bike. So, in addition to the younger and sportier vision feeling on its appearance, FK19SF has also experienced competitions for 3 years and been given more concept of sport and entertainment.


As a new bike with 190cc, people will certainly compare FK19SF with Honda’s 190cc bikes which have been launched by two Chinese factories of Honda. From the data of engine power, FK19SF is not outstanding on the figures. But in terms of its appearance design, configurations and riding experience, FK19SF is quite competitive and attractive.

Specifications of FK190 Engine



Actual Displacement


Max. Power

10.5kw (7500r/min)

Max. Torque

13.5N·m (5500r/min)

This bike gets a win with its displacement but is not equipped with a water-cooled engine and its power is at an average level. With a lighter weight, it can reach the maximum power and maximum torque of 2000r earlier than other 150cc bikes in the market. This is the conclusion of comparing this bike’s official parameters with the similar products’ and the actual power performance is based on the D-BOX acceleration data.


This bike has various lines to build the sporty vogue with the integration of some mellow lines usually used on Japanese bikes. The whole bike looks very modern, concise and sporty in details.

All the lights on this bike are LED, including the turn lights. The head of the bike is improved to make this bike look more fashionable.

From the sides, the design of lines with two-color stitching and some little imitation carbon fiber plates is very excellent. FK has really worked hard on the appearance design. But some details, like the joints of plastic parts and the texture of painting, still need to be improved.

The tail of the bike is equipped with a rear hand rail and the hidden bottom LED tail light. This bike also has LCD meter which can show the gears and get a discernibility degree of 80% under the sunlight. Its exhaust pipe is bullish and overbearing.


This bike is equipped with inverted front fork which is notably adjustable. It’s now rare in China for 150cc bikes equipped with adjustable front fork.

Its rear mid damping is also adjustable. Both the front and rear damping have adjustable options which are good for those riders who love sport and can adjust the bike according to their own demands.

Both the front and rear tires are from CST with the front tire of 110/70-17 and the rear tire of 140/60-17. The aspect ratio of the rear tire is 60 and this ratio is lower than the common tires with the dimension of 140/70-17. Its tire tread is sporty with the street tires which looks powerful seeing from the rear.

The pedals of this bike are relatively high because FK19SF needs larger dip angle.

After test riding, we found this new bike is very well adjusted in handling. It is not a sheep in sporty wolf’s clothing. It is very comfortable to step on the gas when the speed is low and the bike’s feedback is very flexible.

FK19SF is now coming into the market and the special helmet is also on sale at the same time, which is jointly developed by FK and SHOEI. 

Specifications of FK19SF

Min. Ground Clearance: 180mm

Length: 2010mm

Width: 810mm

Height: 1075mm

Wheel Base: 1390mm

Curb Weight: 135kg

Displacement: 175cc

Compression Ratio: 9.0:1

Max. Net Power: 10.5Kw/7500rpm

Max. Torque: 13.5 N·m /5500 rpm

Front Tire: 110/70-17

Rear Tire: 140/60-17

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