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Revel Together On The First CFMOTO Day

Date:23-08-2019 Source:MEGA CHINAMOTOR

CFMOTO Day • Join In A Remarkable Journey

Greet pleasure, greet happiness, and greet the festival of motorcycle. Recently, the first “CFMOTO Day · Join in a Remarkable Journey” has been successfully held by Zhejiang CFMOTO Power Co., Ltd. in Jiulong Mountain Racing Circuit in Pinghu, Jiaxing. Many motorcycle enthusiasts came to enjoy this feast of CFMOTO.

CF250NK Stunt Bike Debuts Amazingly in Opening Ceremony of CFMOTO Day

At 9:30 a.m., the opening ceremony of the CFMOTO Day officially kicks off. Five managers of CFMOTO including Mr. Lai Guogui (the Chairman), Mr. Lai Minjie (the General Manager), Mr. Ma Gangjie (the Vice General Manager) and so on, eight cooperation partners of CFMOTO including Shell, Schubert, RK, Fraodo, Taichi, DID, Cheng Shin Tires and Entong, over 30 media reporters and the enthusiasts from all over China attend this ceremony. The Vice General Manager of CFMOTO makes a speech in the opening ceremony and witnesses the CFMOTO Day kicking off with all the present friends.

The CFMOTO Day is live broadcasting on a large LED screen which presents the wonderful 2-wheel and 4-wheel opening show. CF400NK, CF650NK, CF650MT and CF650TR-G chase each other on the 2-wheel racetrack and the next is the show of CFMOTO 4-wheelers. As everybody sees, the riders are concentrated to fly on the off-road racetrack, which shows the untamed charm of the motorcycle. All the audiences are excited by the opening show.

Another highlight of this opening ceremony is the high-profile stunt rider, Hu Hai, debuting with the stunt bike CF250NK. CFMOTOT has made painstaking efforts to CF250NK which is a linking model between the preceding and the following of NK series. On the CFMOTO Day, Hu Hai brings fantastic performances with the stunt bike CF250NK. We are looking forward to CF250NK on the market.

Colorful Activities and Attractive Awards of CFMOTO Day

On the CFMOTO Day, there are more than 10 colorful activities: racetrack parade, testing riding, 0-100m drag race, 650MT obstacle race, fun competition, 4-wheel off-road race, low-speed riding race, miniature racetrack, squat warrior, modified motorcycle show, motorcycle travel stories, group bending photo and after-market show, making the present motorcycle enthusiasts enjoying and having fun with safety.

The racetrack parade is the opening program of the CFMOTO Day. Hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts join in the parade team and ride the CFMOTO bikes around the racetrack for one circle. This is a fascinating and heart-shaking view.

The test riding of 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers is conducted respectively on different racetracks. There are professional instructors leading the test riding group and interpreting the specification and professional maintenance technicians ensuring the safety.

0-100m drag race excites all the audiences. A special timing display is set in the site for the drag race. This race is conducted with promotion system and the competition is very fierce.

Besides 2-wheel motorcycles, CFMOTO also manufactures 4-wheel ATV which has been renowned in the industry. CFMOTO has built a professional and challenging off-road area for the CFMOTO Day. The motorcycle enthusiasts can not only experience the passion of 2-wheel bikes but also enjoy the untamed charm of the 4-wheel vehicles.

At the modified motorcycle show, 19 modified CFMOTO bikes are exhibited orderly for all the visitors review. Modifying the bike is to express the personality of the bike owner, not just simply replacing the parts or components. It needs the bike owner’s painstaking care and innovation to make a unique bike in the world.

Constant Surprises at CFMOTO Dinner

After the activities in the daytime, everybody enjoys the 2-wheel bikes with excellent handling and the 4-wheel off-road vehicles with strong power and knows about CFMOTO’s brand charm of forward looking, concentrating and happiness. The appreciation dinner of the CFMOTO Day takes place in Jiulong Mountain Racing Circuit. Besides the delicious foods, CFMOTO also sets many wonderful activities: giving awards to the champions, second places and third places of the competitions in the daytime; several lottery games; the ultimate lucky prize 650MT; publishing the last station of the Tibet Line of CFMOTO; sharing the stories about the motorcycle travel old birds and so on.

The activities are conducted link by link at the dinner with constant surprises and the atmosphere is always high. CFMOTO has brought a wonderful and fun-filled night for everyone with its enthusiasm!

In over 20 years, everybody has witnessed the growth of CFMOTO. Thanks for the great support of all of you. CFMOTO is looking forward to getting together with you again next year!

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