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The Largest Scooter Manufacture Base in China - ZNEN Industrial Park Has Been Completed

Date:23-08-2019 Source:MEGA CHINAMOTOR

The largest scooter manufacturing plant in Zhejiang Province, ZNEN Industrial Park of China Zhongneng Vehicle Group, has been completed and recently the production has been gradually moved into this new park. ZNEN Industrial Park is located in the Seashore Industrial Area in Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, with an area of 450mu. There are 6 large-scale factory buildings in this park with an annual output of 500,000 vehicles and 1,000,000 engines. Also there are several self-owned laboratories and 1000 sets/units of detecting, inspecting, testing and manufacturing equipments. The total asset is more than 1 billion Yuan. In this new park, Zhongneng will build his own engine factory, painting factory, frame factory and cable factory. All the important parts of ZNEN vehicles will be manufactured by himself!

Walking into the factory, what firstly come into your eyes are the straight roads, large-scale factory buildings and the modern office buildings. The luxuriantly green ginkgo trees and multicolored flowers on the both sides of the main road are very pleasuring with the birds singing sporadically coming from the trees, which is hard to make people believe that here is a large motorcycle manufacturing factory. Wandering in such a garden factory with sceneries, flowers and trees, all the employees are happy and passionate to get involved in their jobs.

The comprehensive office building is designed as the twin stars with multiple functions of office, meeting, exhibition, business and entertainment. The interior trim of this building has been finished and the intelligent office facilities are now being installed and adjusted. All the buildings are well arranged and the square is flat and big with green trees around it. This is really outstanding in the seaside area.

Zhongneng is working on building the Culture Activities Center as the top enterprise culture activities base, top cultural exchange base and top cultural promotion base of China, with billiard room, badminton room, reading room, cultural exchange performance center and so on. Their colorful and rich cultural activities influences, cultivates, inspires and shapes people, which enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of the company and sets up the warm and harmonious cultural environment.

The dining room, staff dormitory and business hotel are all in two connected buildings. The comfortable and enjoyable living environment gives each Zhongneng employee the best living conditions.

6 modern factory buildings are symmetrically arranged in two rows orderly. The graceful surroundings, clean outlook, sound facilities, smooth logistics, together with the factory greenings form a distinct green park landscape with industry, human and nature being harmonious coexistence.

The large steel structure factory buildings feature the advanced energy saving, lighting and air exchanging functions and all the devices are being gradually installed. Looking at the grand factory buildings, would you like to have an indoor football game?

To meet the needs of the customers, the productions from old factory to new factory have been jointed perfectly and the production in the new factory has been started.

Have you still been purchasing the products from assembling factories? Have you still trusted the similar low-price brands without core technologies and quality? Many motorcycle brands in Zhejiang have just treated the motorcycle manufacture as a business. They rent plants, buy and assemble parts, and can stop manufacturing at any time depending on the market demands. Do the products like those have any quality assurance? Doing a brand needs to look ahead to the future. The new Zhongneng will build the leading scooter brand of China with the concept of leading technology, exquisitely manufacturing and independently developing and also provide excellent products, services, innovative technologies and core technologies to meet all the demands of the customers and exceed their expectation. Now the move has been mainly finished.

Zhongneng will start a new chapter of Chinese scooter manufacture industry in China. For this, everyone in Zhongneng is working hard and making effort to create a new story – a new story of Made-in-China.

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