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Shanghai Zhongzi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is established in 2013.It is a professional two-wheel media enterprise led by China Bicycle Association ,and invested by Shanghai Xiesheng Exhibition Co., ltd.

We are a professional media in the field of bicycles, e-bikes, and motorcycles. We endeavor to build a Chinese brand in the field of two-wheel vehicles, and make the world witness two-wheels. We focus on the latest news and professional reports in two-wheel vehicles. Our media is diversified, and we have magazine, web client, and mobile client. We serve for two-wheel industry ,and we are rooted in two-wheel industry. In the gradually fragmented and digital world, we will build a brand effect for two-wheel enterprises and make a difference for two-wheel vehicles.


About China Motor
The new revision of website: www.chinamotorworld.com is currently the most professional motorcycle English portal website in China, which is the only one of English website to mainly broadcast the Chinese motorcycles, spare parts to the overseas market. The website mainly advertises Chinese motorcycles to the global motorcycle dealers, purchasers, manufactures, fans and other professionals through the way of photos, words and videos. Its aim is to promote the development of Chinese motorcycle industry and the long-standing Chinese motorcycle culture to the whole world, which can let more people to know and drive the Chinese motorcycles. It is also a bridge of communication to help domestic manufacturers expand the overseas markets and seek win-win cooperation. The content of website includes digital magazine, Chinese new products, exhibitions, experts’ columns and so on, giving consideration to the domestic motorcycle enterprises and the overseas readers’ demand. Though the website, we can broadcast the Chinese motorcycle industry more fast and convenient.
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Address:Rm. 902, No. 915, Zhenbei Rd., Putuo District, Shanghai, China.
Contact Person:Julia Zhang