A Showcase of Chinese Motorcycle Enterprise — Report on 120th Canton Fair

Date:15-10-2016 Source:chinamotor

The first phase of 120th Canton Fair ended on October 19.Canton Fair has been there for years and its importance can never be neglected While, in the global downturn trade environment, Canton Fair is facing its own opportunities and challenges. Industries of all walks of life are struggling for survival under great pressure, so does the motorcycle industry.

As we have witnessed that the output and sales of motorcycle industry has kept falling recent years, the tendency of which seems not to be reversed in a short time. However, We should always maintain confidence on the outlook of the industry. We should see the opportunities along with the difficulties.Troubles are always there to make people and things tougher and better.

MEGA CHINAMOTOR is sincerely concerned for motorcycle industry and enterprises and we feel obligated to visit and report on the Chinese motorcycle enterprises to present to everyone their efforts and fruits.


As usual, Zongshen came with many typical models, including its recently popular RX1,RC3 and RX3.Besides, Zongshen gave its first public show of two new models, INFINITY and BREAKOUT. INFINITY is now quite a hot retro style bike that Zongshen develops to target the Thailand market. The engine adopts built-in balance shaft and needle roller rocker arm. Oil lube adopts piston spray system and cylinder head is designed with cooling airway. BREAKOUT is another high-profile sports bike Zongshen adds to its street bike series. It carries a ZY series engine to ensure better sports performance. A weaving type frame, inverted front shock absorber, streamlined body, BREAKOUT is made for the entry-level motorcyclists and those who are of moderate lower height.


Pressure comes with competition and thus generates impetus. Loncin is just such a enterprise that heads forward against much external pressure. At this Canton Fair, Locin still highlighted its sports model CR6, one of the largely promoted recreational bikes. CR6 is given a 300cc single cylinder four-stroke watercooling engine. With a compression ration of 11:1, the engine generates a maximum power of 28.2hp (21kw) at 8500rpm and a maximum torque of 25N.m at 7000rpm. The top speed can reach 130km/h. Both front and rear disc brakes, high-strength frame and body, and a modern look are all designed to cater to the customers of Europe and South America market. By the way, CR6 is being prepare for the upcoming EU 4 standard.


We were all surprised to see a army green UTV at Jialing’s Canton Fair booth. The UTV – JL1300TDI seats three people, with front removable high-strength steel rack and rear overturnable hopper. Jialing gives this UTV a 1.3T engine and CTV gearbox. The engine generates a maximum power of 50kW and a maximum torque of 130N.m. The vehicle can reach a top speed of 90km/h. The acceleration time at 0-60km/h is less than 10s. The UTV’s ground clearance is 270mm and can cross a water depth of 400mm. As a utility terrain vehicle, JL1300TDI can be used at highland over 5000m and within a temperature range of minus 41℃ to 46℃. Jialing attracted many visitors with this new UTV. Besides, Jialing X-FIRE series seemed never miss the Canton Fair since it came out. This time we saw X-FIRE(GP)250 and X-FIRE160. The 250 model carries a single oil-cooling engine and its speed tops at 115km/h, while X-FIRE160 uses a single air-cooling engine and its speed tops at 100km/h.


As a mainly promoted product, Andes’sharp brilliant machine – JAGUAR 250 was obviously seen at the booth. The bike carries a CBB250cc single four-stroke engine, generating a maximum power of 12kw at 7500rpm and a maximum torque of 18N.m at 5500rpm. The bike speed is topped at 95km/h, with low fuel consumption of 2.9L per 100km.


At Lifan’s Canton Fair booth, we saw KPS200 and KPT touring edition were given a central stand. 200cc watercooling EFI model with inverted shock absorber and widened tyre is mainly promoted. The tough-looking KPS200 is made to cater to those European and South American customers who pursue power and speed on the road. The KPT200 showed at the exhibition was a touring edition which is specially modified for comfortable riding for a longer distance travel. In addition to motorcycles, Lifan also brought to this Canton Fair a electric scooter- LF1200DT. As the green and eco-friendly tendency goes, electric vehicles have taken a large market share. With the increasingly improved battery technology, electric vehicles are going to have a better development.


As one of the old motorcycle brands in Chongqing, Bashan mainly promotes three models at this Canton Fair, BS150-15E, BS200-13, and the simple yet smart looking retro BS70(I).


XGJ200-27B: Zongshen CBB200cc single four-stroke engine (optional for oil cooling); front and rear disc brakes; front inverted shock absorber; all LED lights, digital meter, steel pedal and vacuum tyre. The bike targets the South America and Southeast Asia countries like Argentina, Indonesia and the Philippines.

XGJ250-28 is a recreational tool made for the young generation. Inheriting the racing model style, the bike looks sporty, large LCD digital meter, split type handle, 14L large fuel tank, and sports muffler. The 250ml oil cooling engine using built-in balance shaft ensures a more comfortable ride. To add to its sports performance, the bike is provided with double piston hydraulic disc brakes, single rear and inverted front shock absorber.

XGJ300-6 carries a double cylinder watercooling Delphi EFI engine that generates a maximum power of 17.5kw and a maximum torque of 22N.m.

BS150-15E BS200-13
Engine: single cylinder, four-stroke Engine: single cylinder, four-stroke
Max. Power: 8.2kw/8500(r/min) Max. power: 10.2kw/8500(r/min)
Max. Torque: 10.5N.m/7000(r/min) Max. Torque: 13.4N.m/6500(r/min)
Max. speed: 90km Max. speed: 90km/h
Fuel consumption/100km: 2.9L Fuel consumption/100km: 2.9L


Wonjan’s overseas brand - Bxiton had yielded unusually brilliant results at INTERMOT in Germany, and then Bxiton showed up at Canton Fair in China. The retro Bxiton BX125 gets its appearance from Italian designers and the bike was rated as one of the top three most concerned models at INTERMOT. It is deployed with a 125cc EFI engine which is from the Wonjan-Suzuki joint venture brand. It also uses CBS double linkage braking system. Bxiton BX125 has passed Euro 4 and thus targets the European countries like Germany, Austria, Italy and Hungary.


Shineray can always attract many visitors during exhibitions with its new models. Shineray products are mainly sold to Asia, Africa, and Latin America. XY200-9 is a new medium-and-high customer targeted street bike.It features a weaving type frame, central shock absorber and build-in balance shaft. XY250GY-12 is an entry-level touring bike with VJP250cc four-stroke engine. The engine is also provided with build-in balance shaft and can generate a maximum power of 11.2km at 7500(r/min)and a maximum torque of 17.5N.m at 5500(r/min). XY250GY-12 adopts deep-teeth tire and is designed with side case for touring purpose. The bike is mainly sold to South America, Latin America and Africa.


This time Yingang highlighted a small retro bike - NINETY. This bike is equipped with a Delphi EFI RE233 oil-cooling engine with built-in balance shaft. The company also provides an option of CBF125 engine. Both front and rear disc brakes are provided to ensure good safety. Besides, it uses inverted front shock absorber and rear gasbag shock absorber, and special front 4.00-17 and rear 4.50-17 retro style tire. The split type handle, round headlight and taillight, and striped saddle all add to the retro literature and art feeling of the bike. Yingang plans to have NINETY pass Euro 4 by the end of this year so that it will better suit the European and Southeast Asia market.


At SanLG’s Canton Fair booth, two models were exceptionally eye-catching. The first one is the new model-SL150GS. It uses NTR inner-balanced engine. Besides its brand new appearance, the bike is matched with disc brake and 14 inch large tire which makes the bike higher to be more suitable for European and American riders. Another popular model is the retro style SL125GS-2. This bike comes out with CB engine, net wheel disc brake, front iron fender, and stainless steel muffler. SL125GS-2 aims at Southeast Asia market.


Haojin HJ125-22 is given a strengthened engine for more adequate power and lower fuel consumption (claimed to be 2.5L per 100km). The 14L fuel tank ensures longer riding distance. The up-risen head let the headlight to illuminate farther. HJ110-11 is an independently developed cub. Cub HJ110-11 is made dynamic and modern, which can be seen from the butterfly-shaped headlight, diamond-engraved taillight, multimedia audio system, mobile phone charger, MP3 player, Bluetooth and FM radio system. Haojin is now preparing this cub for euro 4 standard.


We are alreaady familiar with Senke’s latest models - SK300-LEOPARD, SK200-10A, and SK200-12. The three models are developed to be modern and flexible catering to the young generation. By the way, the three models have already gained CF award and China design award, and have met euro 4 standard. SENKE gives T-LEOPARD SK300 a top-level engine to supply adequate power on the road. The SOHC water cooling single four-valve engine generates a maximum power of 19.5kw/8500rpm with a maximum torque of 22.2N.m/7000rpm. SOHC engine not only improves the air-intake and exhaust function of entire motorcycle, but also enhances the instant power output. The in-built balance shaft and lightweight piston help to reduce the engine vibration.

SK200-10A uses a CS 200cc single aircooling engine, with built-in balance shaft. SK200-12 is another bike that is designed with optimized ergonomic principle. What is worth mentioning is that a mobile phone APP can be directly connected to the EFI system of the bike to get clear view of all data.


Sanya still attaches much importance to music bike. SY150-9C carries an independently-developed inner balanced engine. The bike can reach a top speed of 90km/h. It is fitted with a music meter. Other music functions include Bluetooth, FM radio and MP3 player. The lengthened exhaust pipe looks cooler and sounds deep.


At this Fall Canton Fair ZNEN still highlighted its scooter –Criuse. Criuse is a high-end scooter independently developed by ZNEN with two years’ time. It is given a somewhat vintage yet dynamic appearance, shining with overall LED lights. The front and rear brakes both adopt high-performance disc type, lighter yet radiating faster. The underseat container is large enough for a full-face helmet. ZNEN targets this scooter to Europe and Latin America countries.

KAGE Group

Kaijie Group International Limited is a large-scale Enterprise and Guangzhou Mintong Trading Co.,Ltd. is one of its subsidiary companies. The company has always satisfied the requirement of the highest standards of product quality to make the motorcycle battery products professional, innovative, arts and crafts-oriented, and has become a major enterprises in manufacturing, sales and service for motorcycle lead-acid battery in the world. The company’s “replaceable multi-functional sealed lead-acid battery” has obtained the relevant patents for their invention in China, Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries. At the same time, the nano-gel motorcycle batteries which the company developed independently have been devoted to domestic and foreign markets and got the customers praise. The nano-gel batteries,completely different from the gel battery appeared in the current market, is a unique new technologies and also a new revolution in motorcycle battery line.


Needless of more words to introduce Wangye’s EIVISSA and VETERANO, and though having been to Canton Fair for many times, these two models still attracted many passers-by during the exhibition. EIVISSA is an independently designed retro style scooter and VETERANO is a modified model basing on EIVISSA.


Chuangtai can be regarded as a new force suddenly rises over the past few years. Chuangtai lays emphasis on bringing out unique high-quality products. R-1 is one of such bike promoted for this season and it has been well received among the customers. R-1 is designed by an Italian team. The blending of red with black, blue with gray adds more to its sporty yet elegant look. The 400cc model uses a watercooling engine. The bike claims a top speed of 160km/h.


Longjia started its cooperation with a small Italian brand ITAJET in 2014 and since then began to develop the V-cylinder café racer Buccaneer 250i. Longjia’s Canton Fair booth was always brightened by its café racer. The No “59”marked model was also not seen for the first time at Canton Fair. “59”stands for the year when ITAJET was established in Italy. No.”59” carries a V-shaped double cylinder engine, with Delphi EFI system. The tested maximum power reaches 14.5kw. Longjia makes this bike mostly for EU, Southeast Asia and America market.

Regal Raptor

Following the heat of retro style motorcycle, Regal Raptor brings out the new model DD400E-2A. We can see the obvious retro elements on the body, such as the striped saddle and the round meter. DD400E-2A carries a 400cc single aircooling engine, Delphi EFI system, with ABS. The frame is welded by robot. The bike has been made up to Euro 4 standard, so it is aimed at European market.


CHOK S series was there at the Canton Fair again as a mainly promoted product. 8 steel pipes nest frame structure provide high strength, high rigidity, protect of cares, safe and no worries. Braking system: four wheel hydraulic disk type brake, with automotive ratchet mechanism hand operated parking brake. Tire: automotive vacuum tire with stylish alloyed rim, more stable and comfort. Motor: national 863 project powerful motor, reliable and powerful. Battery: national “Tianneng” etc. top brand 12V150Ah large capacity drive battery, long life and more mileages. Controller: advanced SVPWM vector control sine wave system, high efficiency and agilely operation.


Qingqi’s off-road and retro style models were the most frequently visited during Canton Fair exhibition. The off-road model is provided with EFI system, mainly including GS124 and 250cc, which have both passed Euro 4 standard. The retro models are also made in 125cc and 250cc. At the end of this year, Qingqi is going to finalize its cooperation with Hyosung Group and set up Qingqi Korea Motorcycle company. By then they will develop large-displacement models ranging from 400cc to 700cc. According to Qingqi, the company is going to begin its initial promotion of its sports models, touring models and cruisers at second half of next year. The cooperation will further help broaden Qingqi’s product profile and better serve the market needs.

To conclude

Taking the chance of the Canton Fair gathering, CHINAMOTOR also talked to many motorcycle enterprise leaders. We hear most of them say that both the domestic and the international market have become increasingly demanding. However, they still have faith, since they have prepared themselves in every aspect to withstood various ordeals and to meet a better tomorrow. %e7%ba%a2mg.psd

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