Chinese Enterprises Booming at EICMA

Date:07-11-2016 Source:chinamotor

In recent years, the export requirements of Chinese enterprises kept growing and more and more Chinese enterprises choose to attend the international exhibitions. Thus, there was no lack of Chinese motorcycle companies at EICMA 2016. The exhibition gathered the world top motorcycle manufacturers, the number of which exceeded 50. China’s voice has gradually become the concern of the media. CHINAMOTOR here is reporting the news of  some brilliant and outstanding Chinese enterprises at EICMA 2016.

SENKE Came with Many Powerful Models and Competed with International Big Brands

Senke always brings different visual impact to each EICMA, new bikes, excellent bikes and show girls. Senke is an old friend of EICMA. Then what present will Senke give to this old friend?

This year, the layout of Senke’s booth inherited the previous elements. Coordinated with the main color of light yellow, its fashionable and grand models and exquisite quality showed the unique features of Senke motorcycle – fashion and technology. The layout of its booth was not the key point but the new and excellent bikes were. On the exhibition stands, the lineup of Senke motorcycle was debuted smartly and immediately attracted many motorcycle enthusiasts who can’t wait to take a close encounter with them.

The powerful and stately T-Leopard SK300 caught many people’s eyes as soon as it debuted. The intensive machinery and metal give the whole bike science fiction feeling. This brand new touring street bike is made according to the combination of the Robot and Cheetah. The Raptor SK150-10A perfectly and vividly shows the features of ancient raptor, ferocious, dexterous and jumping. The use of streamlines and surfaces and the production of strength and texture both make the whole appearance more ferocious and dynamic as if it is filled with exuberant life force.

In this EICMA, which is the most important exhibition of the industry and has the world largest scale and strongest impact, every international brand brought its brand new models and Senke also took its independently developed products to compete with those international brands and show its brand charisma and competitive strength.

CFMOTO Makes another Splendid Achievement

At EICMA 2016, CFMOTO launched its brand new ATV series and 650MT. The ATVs including CFORCE 850XC, CFORCE 1000 and ZFORCE 1000 are predicted to go on the market in the coming year. As the leading ATV brand in China, CFMOTO has got a qualitative leap with those ATVs launched this time. 650T, as the first multifunctional touring bike of CFMOTO, had got many attentions before it launched. In this release conference, media and motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world were present to witness the debut of this new member of CFMOTO family.

650MT is a multifunctional bike based on the mature and stable CFMOTO 650CC engine platform, with streamlined designed , and sufficient travel feature for multi-terrain traveling. Equipped with light weighted fork, upside down front shock absorber and BOSCH EFI system, 650MT is a bike that is not only excellent on handling but also a safe and loyal friend while travelling on the way.

650MT, Experience more together. With a selectable low seat (820mm) or high seat (840mm), 650MT can meet the actual needs of different users.650MT is equipped with a large 18L tank which achieves a 400 kilometers travel range.  A USB charging interface makes your journey with less worry on connection of smart phone or GPS. To prepare for longer riding journey, the side boxes then are your ideal partner!

ZFORCE 1000 -genuine ultimate side-by-side

With the launch of ZFORCE 1000, CFMOTO Side-by-side family stepped into the new power level. Based on the mature chassis platform of SSV family, the new roaring engine machine is going to bring you to experience wonderful off-road riding. No matter the roads conditions, ZFORCE 1000 equipped with the top configurations in the industry, excellent handling, and perfect ergonomics design, all those will no doubt contribute to the easy conquer and unbelievable riding pleasure.

ZFORCE 1000 introduces an entirely new engine—2V91Y. This new 962.6cc V-twin, 8-valve, DOHC, EFI engine can provide 80hp(59kW) power. The strong and efficient power system makes ZFORCE 1000 a genuine ultimate side-by-side machine, and great performance in all conditions.

Adjustable Seats and Tilt Steering

Adjustable seats and tilt steering is designed to satisfy different riders. The rider seat is adjustable 45mm in slide and 170mm in height, and the steering wheel can be tilt up or down 35°. Besides, to provide safety and comfort riding, the cockpit has passenger handholds, grab bars, and 5-point seat belts.

Winch and Hitch Ball

A dual adjustable 3000lb electric winch that you can control manually or by remote control lets you easily get out of the tough situations. 2-inch certified hitch ball can provide traction load 125kg.

Special Mud Tyre

27-inch CST special mud tyre, the sturdy lugs and capable thread pattern allow riders to drive with freedom and confidence.

LCD Dashboard

ZFORCE 1000 is equipped with Black-and-white LCD dashboard and backlight control switch button, rider can read clearly at a glance even driving at night.


Dual A-arm independent suspension with 125mm front suspension travel and 165mm rear suspension travel, to alleviate the  vibration from the rough roads.300mm ground clearance and widened wheel track makes ZFORCE 1000 better passing in all kinds of roads.


EC and DOT certified light system. Two 55W high intensity projector-beam headlights and LED tail lights, this light system integrated into the ZFORCE 1000 aggressive looking front face, makes it more safety to drive at night.

BOSCH Injection System

Bosch fuel injection system which is safe and stable, gives quick response even at low temperature environment, provides smooth and precise riding experience.

Side doors

ZFORCE 1000 provides optional 1/4 side doors for better safety protection, the rider can have fun without worry.

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